Phil Turner Certified Arborist, Arborist, Seminole, FL
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Tree Arborist Services, Pinellas, Largo, Clearwater

30 Years Experience

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Protect Your Trees with Professional Tree Arborist Services

Tree Health Evaluations & Services

Phil Turner, ISA Certified Arborist.

We offer professional arborist services including tree health examinations and diagnoses to the greater Pinellas County area and Cleawater.

Are your trees sick or even dying? Have you been told by your local tree service that removal is the only solution? Many tree services are not qualified to make that diagnosis. Most do not employ Certified Arborist and if they do , ask to see proof of certification from the person talking to you! ISA Certified Arborist are trained to distinguish between terminal stage decline and when a tree has a chance to survive. A Certified Arborist will lean toward survival every time. I offer tree and schrub evaluations; Appraisals from auto damage and other sources. Freeze damage evaluations: Trimming and removals when necessary. Nutrient injections; Systemic fertilization. Mycorrhizae deep root injections of beneficial fungi to help roots uptake water and minerals from the soil. Treatment for White Flys.


Appraisals & Consultations


Tree Trimming & Removal


Tree & Plant Health Evaluations


Laboratory & Field Research

Complete list of services

  • Tree & Plant Health Evaluations
  • Appraisals from Auto Impact Or Other Damage
  • Handling Insurance Company Demands
  • Interpretation
  • Tree Pruning & Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Soil PH & Moisture Test
  • Freeze Damage Evaluations
  •   Injections of  Essential Elements
  • Systemic Fertilizer
  • Disease & Fungal Treatments
  • Stump Grinding
  • Mycorrhizae  deep root fungi injections  to stimulate new root growth
  • Citrus Evaluations & Treatments
  • Background in Laboratory and Field Research