Is your tree looking unhealthy?

Does the top of the tree appear to be dying?

Have you seen clusters of  mushrooms growing from the base of the tree or exposed roots?

If you have seen any or all of these warning signs your tree could be dying from a deadly Fungus Called Armillaria root rot. ( No effective treatment available).

Phytophthora gummosis is the most common cause of profuse bleeding from the trunk. Trees are killed when the fungus encircles their trunk under the bark. Some trees die within a few months after the first systems appear and others may live several years before dying. If left untreated the fungus can spread to other trees  by air, water, and contact.

The treatment generally accepted as effective is application of potassium phosponate (PP) PP seems to act as both a nutrient and  a fungicide. PP is used to strengthen cellular membranes, making them resistant to to the fungus. PP also seems to be converted by trees into chemicals that are toxic to them making them resistant to the fungus.

PP treatments are not a cure all and many trees still die even after treatments! Untreated trees death rate is 100%!  Treatments give the  tree a chance and many have survived! The earlier the treatments the better the survival rate.

The disease is highly contagious and can contaminate the other trees on your property. Once a infected tree is diagnosed the other trees should be treated  to help prevent infection. Citrus problems are very common! Trees should be evaluated twice a year ( Spring & Fall).